Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 66 Brown Mountain Creek Shelter

Miles hiked 20
Total miles 800.3

We had a great day.  After breakfast biscuits and 45 minutes getting a hitch back to the trail we hiked 20 miles with a big climb and feel great.

There is a boy scout troop from VA and two of the leaders knew Sassafras from the internet.  They said they had been telling some of the boys that a 13 year old girl was hiking the whole trail. They were very nice.

The big news for me is I received the best trail mc yet. One of the boy scout leaders had asked if we wanted any food, we told him we just came from town and were all set. He then said he had a marshmallow fluff/peanut butter sandwich. I told him now we are talking my language.  I then said I thought fluff was a new England thing and that I was from maine.  It turns out he is originally from the Boston area. Boy I loved that sandwich.  Sassafras got skittles. Kaboose

Today was fun.  We hiked 20 miles.  The weather was perfect hiking weather. We reached the 800 mile mark. There is a boy scout troop. Sassafras

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