Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 59 Catawba Mountain Shelter

Miles hiked 14.6
Total miles 705.7

We hiked over dragons tooth today. We were in the fog so no views.  It was cooler and overcast. We took a shorter day today because I was feeling tired today. Sassafras is going strong. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 14.6 miles. The weather was good. We were at dragons tooth today but we did not see any views. The trail was great after the first mountain. Sassafras


  1. Heard about your Hike on the news this morning and watched all your AT 2013 through hike videos and read all your blogs on this site. Looks like Your building a life long memory between Father and Daughter,that is a wonderful thing. All for a Great Cause. As a Mainer I'm Proud of what you are doing. Keep up the good work and may God keep you safe and healthy. PS looking forward to your continued postings.

  2. Hello Sassafras and Kaboose! I also saw the news this morning with your mom/wife being interviewed about your AT thruhike. First let me say what an honorable quest you're on. It takes courage, strength and perseverance and it sounds like you have it all! My son, who was 22 at the time, did the AT Thruhike 3 years ago. He was known as "Coon Cat". His blog was a very valued and special link to the family while he hiked from April 10 to August 30 the day he summited Katahdin. Your blog will be very important for your memories not to mention the reassurance to your family and friends. Keep at it....don't give up .....and God speed. A Harrison Maine neighbor. Ruth Darcy

  3. Keep day in the years to come while you are at work, when things might be weighing you down, you'll remember this trip with your DAD and all will be right. Safe travel