Gear List

Listed below is the gear that Kaboose is starting the trip with.

Sassafras has basically the same gear list, she will be carrying the sawyer water filter at 3 oz for communal gear, and Kaboose is carrying the tent. Sassafras's pack is about 12 pound base weight due to the fact all of her gear is smaller and lighter and Kaboose is carrying the tent, repair kit, emergency kit, camera and phone. Sassafras is carrying a small MP3 player music on the trail and at the end of the day.

I will be doing a gear review video in the near future.

3 lbs, 9 oz
Backpackmodified osprey atmos 5048oz
Pack Cover with stuff sackAOTU3.4oz
pack linertrash compactor bag2.2oz
Stuff Sack (Clothing) 15 l.sea to summit ul stuff sack (modified)0.8oz
Stuff Sack (Food)sea to summit ul dry sack1.4oz
Stuff Sack (snacks)blue walmart0.6oz
Stuff Sack (possibles)blue walmart0.6oz

2 lbs, 14.3 oz
Sleeping Bagems mountain light 15 deg down34.9oz
Sleeping Padmodified neoair11.8oz
2 lbs, 14.1 oz
Shelter with stuff sackbig agnes flycreek sl226.8oz
Ground Clothtyvek3.2oz
poles/stakes with stuff sacksfor big agnes flycreek sl215.5oz

Clothing Packed
4 lbs, 15.1 oz
Thermal Topems teckwick 1 7.4oz
Thermal Bottomsems teckwick 1 6.8oz
Jacketpatagonia nano puff ¼ zip11.2oz
Rain Jacketmarmot precip13.5oz
Rain pantsmarmot precip10.4oz
Spare Shortschampion nylon shorts5.2oz
spare shirtstarter wicking shirt6.2oz
Hiking SocksSmartwool ¼ crew socks2oz
Sleeping SocksSmartwool ¼ crew socks2oz
Warm Hatfleece beanie1.6oz
Glovesll bean polartec fleece gloves2.2oz
mid weight fleeceGeneric ¼ zip mid weight fleece8.6oz
bandanageneric bandana1oz
light glovesgeneric polyester glove liners1oz

Cooking & Drinking
0 lbs, 13.6 oz
Cooking Stove (1)super cat stove0oz
Fuel Bottle (2)2- 4 oz nalgene bottles0oz
Cook Pot (3)kmat grease pot/ cozy/lid0oz
wind screen (4)aluminum pie pan wind screen0oz
Mug2c. plastic cup0.6oz
Spoonplastic spoon0.2oz
Ignition (5)butane lighter/box matches0oz
Water Bottle32 oz power aid bottle1.6oz
pot holder/cleaning (6)1/4 bandanna, cut down pot holder0oz
bag for cooking gear (7)mesh bag0oz
water bag2 liter sawyer squeeze bag1.2oz
Water Bottle1 liter platypus1oz
total weight cook settotal of (1-7)9oz

1 lbs, 9 oz
GuidebookA.T. Guide (first ½)4oz
pack pocket possibles bagknife/paper/stuff/headlamp6oz
emergency/repair kitemergency/repair kit4.6oz
First Aid Kitfirst aid kit7.8oz
headlamppetzl tikka plus2/in possibles bag
bug head netbug head net0.4oz
pack towel12”/16” of dollar store Sham-Wow1.4oz
2 bread bags2 bread bags/5 strong rubber bands0.8oz

0 lbs, 3.6 oz
Toilet Paper/hand sanitizertoilet paper/wipes/hand sanitizer2.6oz
hygiene kittoothbrush/toothpaste/comb/soap1oz

1 lbs, 7.7 oz
Cell Phonesamsung galaxy S35.4oz
cell Phone accessorieswall charger/usb charger/2 batteries4.6oz
Cameranikon coolpix aw1006.6oz
camera accessorieswall charger/2 extra batteries/sd cards4.6oz
am/fm radioSony SRF-S842oz
spare batteriesaaa battery0.2oz
stick picstic pic0.25oz

1 lbs, 1.5 oz
camp shoesmodified crocs knockoffs9.8oz
bandana½ bandana on pack strap0.4oz
sit pad2ft by2 ft piece of windshield sunshade0.1oz
bottle for olive oil4 oz nalgene bottle for oil0.8oz
eye glassessextra pair/case2.2oz
walletstash wallet0.4oz
buisness cardssassaffras & kaboose adventure cards2oz
bear bag line40 feet zing it line/bag/ carabiner1.8oz

4 lbs, 11.4 oz
UnderwearExOfficio Give-N-Go 3oz
Shirtems teckwick 1 t shirt5.6oz
Shortschampion nylon shorts5.2oz
Sockssmartwool crew socks2.6oz
Shoesmerrelmoab ventilators25oz
knee bracestwo cho-pat full knee braces7oz
hatmountain crossings trucker hat3.8oz
Trekking Poles Black Diamond Ergo Cork 18oz
sawyer squeeze H2O filter2 L.bag/dipper/bag/in sassafras's pack5.2oz

8 lbs, 5.7 oz

Food3 days of food/2 pounds a day92oz
Waterusually carry one liter35oz
Fuelalcohol/heet 8 oz bottle6.7oz

SummaryWt (lbs, oz)Wt (oz)

Packing3 lbs, 9 oz57.00oz
Shelter2 lbs, 14.1 oz46.10oz
Sleeping2 lbs, 14.7 oz46.70oz
Clothing Packed4 lbs, 15.1 oz79.10oz
Cooking & Drinking0 lbs, 13.6 oz13.60oz
Survival1 lbs, 9.2 oz25.20oz
Hygiene0 lbs, 3.6 oz3.60oz
Gadgets1 lbs, 7.7 oz23.65oz
Worn/Carried4 lbs, 14.6 oz78.60oz
Other1 lbs, 1.5 oz17.50oz
Consumables8 lbs, 5.7 oz133.70oz
Total:32 lbs, 12.8 oz524.75oz
Base Pack Weight: 19 lbs, 8.1 oz | Total Pack Weight: 27 lbs, 13.8 oz | Skin-out Weight: 32 lbs, 12.4 oz


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  2. Hello! I noticed you packed a nikon coolpix aw100 - what type of wall charger did you bring? Different from the one that came with the camera? My father and brother are leaving in two weeks for the trail and they have the Nikon but are trying to sort out batteries / charging.
    Appreciate your thoughts,