Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our last day for 2013

We got off the trail   at NH25C/Warren NH. Sassafras's feet started hurting her and we decided enough was enough. We hiked 40 miles of New Hampshire and had a great time. This is the end of this chapter of Sassafras and Kaboose A.T. adventure for 2013. Sassafras says she still has lots of long distance hiking to do, but needs a break.

I plan to get out and hike some of my favorite sections of Maine in the next few months, but plan to do then on 2-4 day trips.

This trip has been amazing. thanks for all you interest and support. Kaboose

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 part 2 day 1 moose mountain shelter

Miles hikes 11

What a great day.  Mrs kaboose dropped us off at the Vermont/New Hampshire border and hiked with us for a little way in Hanover. We saw the beginning of the shrinners parade in town. I could tell we have been off the trail and was grateful for the mild terain. We meet Teacher and Snacktime from white blaze doing trail magic (thank).

When we hiked into the shelter we heard a loud yell, it was coach lou who we saw in Virginia.  He immediately took a picture of Sassafras and sent it to hikerboy who we started the trail with, to let him know we are back on the trail. In a few minutes Jacko from Australia walked in. We started on springer with jacko and his son the invisible man. What a small world. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

A.T. 2013 part two

Sassafras's feet are better and she wants to get back on the trail. Tomorrow Mrs Kaboose will drop us off at the Vermont, New Hampshire border and we will attempt to hike north to Route 2 just before the Maine border. Sassafras calculated that since she has hiked from Route 2 on the A.T. all the way to the summit of Katahdin, she will have 312 miles left to complete the A.T. If all goes well we we can complete those miles next year. We did not complete a thru hike, but are happy with what we have accomplished.

We all want to thank everyone who help support Sassafras's hike for hunger. The last tally shows $1819 donated to the New Gloucester food bank in support of Sassafras's hike.