Sunday, June 15, 2014

A.T. 2014 mount Moosilauke

  1. We had an interesting day.  We hiked up the 4800 foot Mount Moosilauke, actually Sassafras ran upt. It as cold, windy and wet in the clouds on the summit. We did not hang out on the summit, i can tell you. I fell and rolled my ankle just as we were heading down. I got down but it was tough. My ankle is swollen, but it does not hurt too much. I plan to ice it and rest and probably get an ankle brace. We were going to go down to New York to start hiking north on Wednesday, but I think we will wait until Saturday and hope for the best. I want to make sure Sassafras can finish the A.T. this year. I do not know how or when I would be able to get the time off again. I hope for the bet. Kaboose.

2014 A.T. day one Jeffers brook shelter NH 10.8 miles

Today was our fist dat on the trail. We started at 145pm after spotting our car at the north end on My. Modulator and getting a ride to My 25c were we got off last year.  I made the mistake of taking us south bound for 2.6 miles until we met a man and two young girls hiking north form mass. I was very embarrassed bout this rookie mistake.  We ended up hiking 10.8 miles.  No so much fun starting late and hiking the wrong way. Sassafras has such a good attitude. She said it just made for a better training hike. We are in our hammocks after spending quite a long time settling them up. We will get better with practice.  It is late Sassafras is sleeping and we hike the 4800 foot high Mt. Moosilauke in the morning so I am going to sleep.  Kaboose.

Monday, June 2, 2014