Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 71 Blackrock Gap Shelter

Miles hiked 20.5
Total miles 878.

Today was our first day in the Shenandoah. The terrain was nice withsome cool views. We have some big days planed for the next few days. We wsnt to make it to Harper's Ferry by 6/7/13 to meet my wife. We met up with Headbones today, he is one of my favorite people on the trail. Kaboose

Today was hardwork. We hiked 20.5 miles. The weather was good.  The morning was the best. The trail was great. Sassafras

Day 70 Wayneboro VA

Miles hiked 5.2
Total miles 857.5

We took a nero todat in Waynesboro VA. It was a beautiful day. It is getting hot, it will be in the 80's and 90's for the next few days. We had a nice day, we did our town chores and relaxed.

We did meet Banion, now Captain Planet, walking in to town. We hike into the Shenandoah's tomorrow. We can not wait to get to Harper's Ferry and meet my wife. I miss her very much. Kaboose

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 69 Paul C. Wolfe Shelter

Miles hiked 15.8
Total miles 852.3

Today was a good day of hiking. We only did 15.8 miles,  but that was enough for us today.  We had nice views of Virginia farm land. Looking forward to going into town tomorrow for some food, a shower and to do laundry (in that order). Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 15.8 miles. The weather was great the whole entire day. The trail was good. Sassafras

Day 68 Maupin Field Shelter

Miles hiked 20.4
Total miles 836.5
We had  great day today.  We climbed Spy Rock in the morning with breathtaking views. We hikes a 20 mile day and feel great. We met Pony Steps and Preacher Man Starting a week section hike and they recognized Sassafras from the Yahoo article.  They were very nice and had said they had hoped to meet Sassafras on their hike. In the evening as we hiked into the shelter two trail angels Karen snd Harry were cooking cheeseburgers on the fire pit. Sassafras ate 2 1/2 cheeseburgers,  they were grest. There was a local physician who was on a day hike there as well who recognised Sassafras from her Yahoo article.  What a great day. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 20.4 miles. The weather was good. The trail was good. We had one big uphill. We had trail magic. It was cheeseburgers. I had 2 1/2. Sassafras

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 67 Seeley-Woodworth Shelter

Miles hiked 15.8
Total miles 816.1

We had a good dsy of hiking. There were a lot of day hikers and weekend hikers out. Ther were some good climbs and some nice views.

We saw O.B. and Dano slackpacking southbound and Noodles and his girlfriend were with them as well. It was nice to see them again.

Today was fun. We hiked 15.8 miles. The weather was good. The trail was good. We had one big climb in the beginning. Sassafras

Day 66 Brown Mountain Creek Shelter

Miles hiked 20
Total miles 800.3

We had a great day.  After breakfast biscuits and 45 minutes getting a hitch back to the trail we hiked 20 miles with a big climb and feel great.

There is a boy scout troop from VA and two of the leaders knew Sassafras from the internet.  They said they had been telling some of the boys that a 13 year old girl was hiking the whole trail. They were very nice.

The big news for me is I received the best trail mc yet. One of the boy scout leaders had asked if we wanted any food, we told him we just came from town and were all set. He then said he had a marshmallow fluff/peanut butter sandwich. I told him now we are talking my language.  I then said I thought fluff was a new England thing and that I was from maine.  It turns out he is originally from the Boston area. Boy I loved that sandwich.  Sassafras got skittles. Kaboose

Today was fun.  We hiked 20 miles.  The weather was perfect hiking weather. We reached the 800 mile mark. There is a boy scout troop. Sassafras

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 65 Glasgow Va

Miles hiked 2.2
Total miles 780.3

We walked across the James river today on the longest pedestrian bridge on the AT.  We took a nero in Glasgow VA.  It is a very hiker friendly town. We got a hitch into town within one minute of getting of the trail.  We had grest breakfast sandwiches at the quick mart, did laundry at the laundromat,  has dinner at the one restaurant in town. The food wss good and the price was responsible.  The town has set up a pavilion for hikers, there are outside hot showers and you can stay for free. There are about twenty hikers staying here tonight.  Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 2.2 miles into town. The weather was great. It was a little cooler with the wind. We are at a pavilion for the night. It is free to stay here too. Sassafras

Day 64 Matts Creek Shelter

Miles hiked 17.7
Total miles 778.1

Today had a little of everything.  Several big climbs,  heat and rain. We did go under the guillotine,  which wss cool.

Tonight we are in the shelter with head bones, dano, o.b. lucky enought (a sobo section hiker) and two youg ladies (attorneys/section hiker). We had a fire, it was nice. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 17.5 miles. The weather was good. the trail was good. We had a couple of climbs. We are going to town tomorrow.  Sassafras

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 63 Cornelius Creek Shelter

Miles hiked 18.4
Total miles 760.4

We had a good day.  There were two big climbs and it was warm. We had our first swim in a cool swimming hole in a river. We hiked with head bones, ob and dano.

It is raining hard with thunder and lightning but we are safe and in the shelter.  Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 18.5 miles. The weather was great. We swam, it was fun. Sassafras

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 62 Bobblets Gap Shelter

Miles hiked 18.5
Total miles 742

Today was our 2 month trail anniversary.  We had a great day. The weather was good and the trail was not crazy. 

There are a lot of great people at the shelter tonight,  O.B., head bones, oreo and keo, dano, and we met mr giggle fits and paisley from maine. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 18.5 miles. The weather was good when there was a little wind. We hiked 2 months. Someone played the trumpet at the shelter. Sassafras

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 61 Daleville Va

Miles hiked zero
Total miles  723.5

We took a zero today. We rested most of the day.  We had lunch at Wendy's and got resupplied at the grocery store.  Everything was very close.

Sassafras did an interview with Yahoo news and Scholastic magazine. She is getting a lot of positive attention. I am very proud of her. Kaboose

Today was fun. We took a zero. We relaxed a lot. We did all our chores. We went to Wendy's for the first time during the trip. Sassafras

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 60 Daleville VA

Miles hiked 17.9
Total miles 723.5

We are at the Howard Johnson Express, clean and full of pizza. All is good.

We did have another wet, cloudy day. We hiked up McAfee knob, which I have been told has one of the best views on the trail. We were in the clouds.

We are a few miles away from 1/3 of the trail done. Things are going well. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 17.9 miles. The weather was ok, it sprinkled a little. It was foggy and cloudy too. We are almost at the 1/3 mark of the AT. Sassafras

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 59 Catawba Mountain Shelter

Miles hiked 14.6
Total miles 705.7

We hiked over dragons tooth today. We were in the fog so no views.  It was cooler and overcast. We took a shorter day today because I was feeling tired today. Sassafras is going strong. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 14.6 miles. The weather was good. We were at dragons tooth today but we did not see any views. The trail was great after the first mountain. Sassafras

Day 58 Pickle Branch Shelter

Miles hiked 22.5
Total miles 691.1

We had a good but long day. We had two good climbs today. It rained,  but it was warm enough that it felt good. We hiked by the Audie Murphy Monument on the site of the plan crash were he died. It was moving. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 22.5 miles. We had two good climbs. We saw the crash site of Audie Murphy where he died. The weather was great. Sassafras

Day 57 Laurel Creek Shelter

Miles hiked 17.5
Total miles 668.6

We had a hard day of hiking with some good climbs. We met some hikers we have not seen since the Smoky mountains.  We also met another maine thru hiker named neuton. It did not thunderstorm today who knows about tomorrow. We are planning a 22.5 mile day. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 17.5 miles. The day seemed hard. We got to the sheltor before 5:00. There was no thunderstorms today, but they still may come. Sassafras

Day 56 Captain's Place

Miles hiked 20.5
Total miles 651.3

Today was a big day out of Pearisburg. We had a big climb out of town with five days of food and it was hot. Ther was a nice breeze at times, but it is hard when the weather changes so quickly.

We are staying at very cool place. A man called the Captain has opened his home to hikers, letting them tent in his yard. He set up a zip line to get across the river to his home from the trail. Sassafras liked the zip line. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 20.5 miles. The weather was perfect. The trail was good. I ziplinned to the campsite. It was fun. Sassafras

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 55 Pearisburg Va

Miles hiked 0
Total miles 630.8

We took a zero today. Sassafras read, ate and watched tv. I walked around town a bit and the people of this town are very nice.

We sent are cold weather gear home today.  It is going to get hot this week. I also got my new shoes sent by my wife. I think the larger size will help. Kaboose

Today was fun. We took a zero. I relaxed today it felt great. We have all our chores done. Sassafras

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 54 Perisburg VA

Miles hiked 8.2
Total miles 630.8

We are at the Holiday Motor Lodge in Pearisburg VA. It is nice for a hiker hotel,  the owners are nice, the room is clean and the price is right. Everything we need are within walking distance.  I am looking forward to a full days rest. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 8.2 miles. It was mostly downhill. We were in town for about half of the day so far. I mostly relaxed. Sassafras

Day 53 Docs Knob Shelter

Miles hiked 15.3
Total miles 622.6

We had a late start today. We took some time to dry out our gear in the sun after another thunderstorm last night. Sassafras was a machine today, hiking over 3 miles an hour, most of the day.  I am looking forward to a day and a half in Pearisburg Va.

It was a cool day today, good for hiking.  It is going to be in the low 30's tonight. We are sending our cold weather gear home in Pearisburg, and it is supposed to be warmer in the next few days. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 15.3 miles. The trail was good.  We are going into town tomorrow. Sassafras

Day 52 Dismal Falls

Miles hiked 18.1
Total miles 607.3

We had a nice hike today.  The weather was ok, with two short periods of rain in the early afternoon. We got hamburgers and enough food at Trents Grocery,  a country store that wood fit well in Maine.  It has groceries, hardware, fishing, hunting and trapping supplies. We ate with Banion, a nice young man from VA, whome we have hiked with for a few days.

When we got to Dismal Falls it started to thunder storm. We road out the storm under a rock outcrop right next to the falls. The falls are supposed to be a good swimming hole, but it was too cold and windy tonight. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 18.1 Miles. It rained a little but that is okay. We are going to have better weather for the next 5 days. Sassafras

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 51 Helveys Mill Shelter

Miles hiked 14
Total miles 589.2

Today was nice. It was sunny all morning and our mole skin stayed on so our feet did not complain.  We hiked the 12 miles to the rk ad to Bland VA by 1130am. The first car that came by drove us oit of her way to bring us to Subway and the Dollar General.  She was delivering food to shut ins for her church. Sassafras told her about her hike for hunger. We had a nice meal at Subway and bought some food, foam tape for our feet and some thin nylon socks to use as liners. We got a ride back to the trail by a nice guy in a pickup truck. He went out of his way as well. I can not say enough nice things about Bland Va and the people.  Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 14 miles. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold. We hiked 3 miles an hour today. Sassafras

Day 50 jenkins shelter

Miles hiked 19.1
Total miles 575.2

We had a tough day of hiking. The weather was good, but our feet have not been happy being wet every day for almost a week. My feet are a mess and sassafras even has a blister on her heel. We hope if we take it easy and take care of them we will be ok.

We did have great views and had a nice group of people at the shelter tonight. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 19 miles. I had fun rockhopping on the rocky spots. I got a blister today. The weather was good.  Sassafras

Day 49 knot maul shelter

Miles hiked 13.9
Total miles 556.1

We had another wet, cool day. We hiked thru some beautiful farm land today,  but we spent most of the day trying not to fall on our butts or off the trail. The trail is wet and muddy and very slick.  We saw cows and some cool old farms.

We are using our new tent for the fist time. It is raining now. So far we are happy with it. We got here and the shelter was full.

It u s suppose to rain for four more days. The constant wetness is causing trouble with my feet. This is the first foot issue I have had on the trail.  My wife Joyce is going to mail me my new trail runners which are a 1/2 size bigger.  I am so blessed to have such a loving and supportive wife.

I am inspired every day by Sassafras. She hikes every day no matter how difficult and does it with a smile. She is a very special girl. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 13.9 miles. It sprinkled for most of the day. The sun came up. I still got wet though. Sassafras

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 48 Atkins VA

Miles hiked 11.6
Total miles 542.2

We had a good day. We stayed dry hiking to Atkins VA. We are at the relax inn drying out our grear, doing laundry and resupplying. The hotel is clean and the owner drove us to Marion VA to go to walmart, grocery store and taco bell for $15. We will hike out tomorrow,  I hope it stops raining soon. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 11.7 miles. We went to town today. We went to KFC/tacobell for dinner. We got to the room just in time I heard thunder when we got to the room. Sassafras

Day 47 partnership shelter

Miles hiked 19.7
Total miles 530.6

It was another cold, wet and windy. We did 19.7 miles in miserable weather. We lost sassafras's pack cover so she used mine, and I found out my bag liner has a hole. My down sleeping bag is a little wet, but it is dry enough to keep me warm enough in the shelter. I hope to dry it tomorrow in Atkins. I was able to get a couple of trash bags to line my bag and use as a pack cover. It is going to rain all week.

On a happier note we are at one of the few shelters you can get pizza delivery. The delivery guy brought the pizza right up to the shelter. Sassafras is happy. Kaboose

Today was fun in the second half. We hiked. 19.7 miles. The weather was rainy. I had pizza. It was nice to have some real food. Sassafras

Day 46 Hurricane mountain shelter

Miles hiked 10. 9
Total miles 510.9

Today was cold wet and windy. We cut our plans short when we came to this nice, new, clean shelter. We were not going to be able to do the 10 miles to the next shelter and setting up a tent in this wind and rain when we were soaking wet did not seem very enticing.  We had a good conversation with the two other guys here tonight. One of the guys is doing a section hike now, but he has hiked the AT and PCT twice. He had some interesting stories. Kaboose

Today was short.we hiked 10 miles. It was hypothermia weather today. We are going to hike 20 miles tomorrow. The trail was easy. Sassafras

Day 45 Wise shelter

Miles hiked 17.3 (plus 2)
Total miles 500.0

We reached the 500 mile maek today.  We are very proud of that accomplishment.  We did have a very hard day. The terrain was not bad, but the weather was. It was cold and rainy but the wind was the killer. Sassafras was take off her feet twice in the morning tryinf to cross mountain bald by vuzzard rocks.  I bet rhe winds were over 50 Miles and hour. We actually turned around and hiked back down  the mountain abour a mile thinking we may have to wait a day for better weather.  We knew it waz going to be bad weather for the noxt 3-4 days. Ir sounded like the winds died down a bit so sassafras wanted to try again. Others were making it across. So we hiked back up and made it across. I did have to hold on to rhe back of her backpack to keep her on the ground. Other hikers later in the day got rides back to town. Sassafras said we jusr left town and will never make it to maine if we stay in town every time we have some weather.  Boy is she tough.  I am so proud od her.

On a positive note we did see some long horn cown and one pony on the Grayson highlands.  We had hoped to have better weather and spend some time with the ponies, but you take what the trail gives you. We also got to see Hiker Boy one more time before he has to go back to New York and work. It was great hiking with him for 500 miles. He was so good to Sassafras and I really appreciate that. We.also got to meet Coach Lou of White blaze games. He was hiking with Hiker Boy for a day and then driving him home. 
We also got to meet Jonathan,  who was the ridge runner at springer moutain last year. Last year hegave sassafras a book of AT matches that he usually only gives to thru hikers. I think he was as excited to see sassafras as we were to see him. Kaboose

Today was hard work. We are at the 500 mile mark. The hiking was not that hard. The wind almost put me down.  Sassafras

Day 44 lost mountain shelter

Miles hiked 15.6
Total miles 482.7

We had a nice hike out of Damascus. The weather was nice. We have hiked this section before southbound. Tomorrow is Grayson highlands and the ponies. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 15.6 miles. The weather was great. The trail was great. We had fun. The views were great. We hiked mostly uphill for the first part of the day. Sassafras

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 43 Damascus

Miles hiked -zero
Total miles 467.1

We are having a relaxing day in town. We had a great breakfast at cowboys and did our resupply at food city. It is nice to do a resupply at a real grocery store,  the selection is better. We are getting tired of eating the same things every leg of the trip.

We bought a new tent yesterday.  A big agnes scout ul2. It is a hybrid trekking pole single wall tent.  It is much bigger than out big agnes fly creek ul2, and over 1/2 pound lighter. Kaboose

Today was fun. We mostly relaxed. The food was great at the 3 resterants we went to. The resupply was great at the grochery store. Sassafras

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 42 Damascus

Miles hiked 10.4
Total miles 467.1

We had a great day.  It was an easy hike into Damascus.  We were very lucky and got the final room at Dave's place, run by Mount Rodgers outfitters. The room is clean, we had a nice shower and went to lunch at the blue blaze cafe for lunch with Dragon fly and Noodles. The food waz zo good we went back for all you could eat spaghetti for supper. We will take a zero tomorrow.  We will resupply, do laundry and eat town food. Some days this thru hiking business is tough! ! Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked a nero into town. We relaxed a lot today. It was great to have real food Instead of hiking food for a change. It was mostly downhill today into town. Sassafras

Day 41 abingdon gap shelter

Miles hiked 22.7
Total miles 456.7

We set a new record for ourselves today by hiking 22.7 miles today. We feel good and are anxious to get to Damascus va tomorrow.  Kaboose

Today was the longest miles we hiked for this trip and hiking. We hiked 22.7 miles today. The weather was great. We are going into Damascus. Sassafras