Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 62 Bobblets Gap Shelter

Miles hiked 18.5
Total miles 742

Today was our 2 month trail anniversary.  We had a great day. The weather was good and the trail was not crazy. 

There are a lot of great people at the shelter tonight,  O.B., head bones, oreo and keo, dano, and we met mr giggle fits and paisley from maine. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 18.5 miles. The weather was good when there was a little wind. We hiked 2 months. Someone played the trumpet at the shelter. Sassafras


  1. Nice change to the weather. I've recently read a book, walking the Amazon and the best foot wear the author commented he had were clogs. They were comfortable, nice to air out his feet at night and when he had to wade through a stream or water, they were better then taking his boots off.

  2. Several of us at work are following your blog. Congrats on your adventure. You are an inspiration to all dads! See you when you get back to work!
    Al Garcia

  3. Hi Al, I talked with Bob and he is not able to make comments on the blog with his phone but he wanted to let you know he saw this and thanks!