Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 47 partnership shelter

Miles hiked 19.7
Total miles 530.6

It was another cold, wet and windy. We did 19.7 miles in miserable weather. We lost sassafras's pack cover so she used mine, and I found out my bag liner has a hole. My down sleeping bag is a little wet, but it is dry enough to keep me warm enough in the shelter. I hope to dry it tomorrow in Atkins. I was able to get a couple of trash bags to line my bag and use as a pack cover. It is going to rain all week.

On a happier note we are at one of the few shelters you can get pizza delivery. The delivery guy brought the pizza right up to the shelter. Sassafras is happy. Kaboose

Today was fun in the second half. We hiked. 19.7 miles. The weather was rainy. I had pizza. It was nice to have some real food. Sassafras

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  1. Hey, great post...Now that is my version of roughing it..Pizza and a good book. You guys rock