Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 45 Wise shelter

Miles hiked 17.3 (plus 2)
Total miles 500.0

We reached the 500 mile maek today.  We are very proud of that accomplishment.  We did have a very hard day. The terrain was not bad, but the weather was. It was cold and rainy but the wind was the killer. Sassafras was take off her feet twice in the morning tryinf to cross mountain bald by vuzzard rocks.  I bet rhe winds were over 50 Miles and hour. We actually turned around and hiked back down  the mountain abour a mile thinking we may have to wait a day for better weather.  We knew it waz going to be bad weather for the noxt 3-4 days. Ir sounded like the winds died down a bit so sassafras wanted to try again. Others were making it across. So we hiked back up and made it across. I did have to hold on to rhe back of her backpack to keep her on the ground. Other hikers later in the day got rides back to town. Sassafras said we jusr left town and will never make it to maine if we stay in town every time we have some weather.  Boy is she tough.  I am so proud od her.

On a positive note we did see some long horn cown and one pony on the Grayson highlands.  We had hoped to have better weather and spend some time with the ponies, but you take what the trail gives you. We also got to see Hiker Boy one more time before he has to go back to New York and work. It was great hiking with him for 500 miles. He was so good to Sassafras and I really appreciate that. We.also got to meet Coach Lou of White blaze games. He was hiking with Hiker Boy for a day and then driving him home. 
We also got to meet Jonathan,  who was the ridge runner at springer moutain last year. Last year hegave sassafras a book of AT matches that he usually only gives to thru hikers. I think he was as excited to see sassafras as we were to see him. Kaboose

Today was hard work. We are at the 500 mile mark. The hiking was not that hard. The wind almost put me down.  Sassafras

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  1. Bob, that young lady has some serious endurance. The pony pic shows a little tiredness in her face, but what I wouldn't give to have half her determination. Rally enjoying following y'all. Dennis Phillips, he Flash.