Monday, June 22, 2015

6/22/15 day 3, Kent Conn

We had another interesting day.  Sassafras was he some issues with her shoes and feet. It looked like she needed new shoes.  I was not to optimistic about Kent Conn. But I was pleasantly surprised.  Mrs Kaboose called the outfitter in town and they directed use to Sundog shoes. The guy at Sondogs was great and Sassafras left with a new pair of Merrells.

As walked into town a thru hiker told us we could camp behind the clothing store.  When we got there the owner told is to set up in back. There was a portapotty, cold outdoor shower and a shed with a hiker box and clean towels.  We showered washed our cloths and has pizza, post a and ice cream. We also did our resupply at the IGA. What more should a hiker need.  I am sitting in a lawn chair and Sassafras is reading her kindle in hèr tent. All is well.

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