Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 37 mile 393.1

Miles hiked 18.3
Total miles 393.1

We had another great day.  We did two big climbs over little and big hump and finally finished north Carolina. Two states down and we will be out of Tennessee a d in Virginia in just a few day.

We hiked about 16 miles to us 19 and hitched into the town of roan mountain for resupply and supper. A couple who are thru hiking but taking a few days off visiting family turned around and gave us a ride into town. We then got two days of food at the little grocery store in town. The peaple at the store were very nice. We then went across the street to bob's dairy land and barbeque.  I had a barbeque pork sandwich with coleslaw on top and it was great. Sassafras had a cheeseburger, also very delicious. We then went out side to try to hitch a ride back to the trail and an older gentleman who was in the restaurant  witg his wife came out and told us they would give us a ride to the trail az soon as they were done eating. Sassafras and I had some ice cream and we got a ride back to the trail. They were a very nice couple.  The husband asked if we minded if he ran into the dollar general,  we said of course not, but his wife made him drive us to the trail first. They even picked up two other thru hikers we knew and drove them back to town. I hope the gentleman makes it to the dollar general.  Kaboose

Today was fun. We had town food today for dinner and disert. We hiked 18 miles today the weather is good. We mostly hiked downhill. Four more days to Damascus. Sassafras

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