Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 14 Wayahh bald shelter

Miles hiked 11.0

We had a southern breakfast today in Franklin before being driven to the trail head by Ron Haven. He sure is a hard worker and can tell a story az well. The trail was mostly uphill, but not too steap, and thd weather was not bad, temperatures in the low 50's and overcast.  This being said Sassafras and I both thought it was our toughest day at least mentally.  We both felt a little under the weather and have not been sleeping well. Sassafras said she knew we would have hard days but we needed to hike on. I am so proud of her. We ended the day with beautiful veiws from the stone tower at Wayah bald. We got a look at Clingmans dome the highest peak on the AT. We will be there in several days. Kaboose

Today was funner when  we got to the shelter. More to come.            - Sassafras


  1. It has been wonderful hearing about your amazing adventure and seeing your smiling faces. Stay strong and be safe! Kaboose, we miss you! Remember Margaret and I could be behind any corner!
    Shannon T.

  2. The mental struggle is always harder than the physical. Stay are doing something most folks will only dream of. Great memories.