Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 15 cold spring shelter

Miles hiked 4.8

Today was a tough day. We woke up to freezing rain.  It was hard work just packing up the tent. By the time we got to the first shelter I was concerned about hypothermia.  We were wet the trail ahead was challenging.  Sassafras was ready to hike on, but I decided to take a short day and be safe. There was room for us at this shelter and I was not prepared to hike on and have to set up and sleep in our wet tent in the freezing rain. I knew there were many hikers in front of us wanting to get to the next shelter.

My wife reserved a room at the NOC tomorrow. We will hike. The 12 miles and stay the night dry out and eat some good food.  We have been going a little slower but we have a lot of time. Sassafras is ready to hike 18-20 miles a day. I need another week or two before we can pick it up.  I fine on the flats, gradual uphills and the downs, but she is smoking me on the long steep climbs.

We are having a good time and I know we will make it home. Kaboose

We took a nero on the trail. It was cold but I still had fun. Sassafras

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  1. Good call Kaboose. Have to listen to your body.