Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 36 roan high knob shelter

Miles hiked 16.8
Total miles 375.3

We had a big climb today. It was up hill most of the day. The last part of the day was a 2212 foot climb to the top of roan mountain at 6212 feet. We are staying the night at roan high knob shelter, at 6194 feet it is the highest shelter on the AT. I have to thank buckeye kornelious for finding my fleece I dropped at the bottom of roan mountain and carrying it all the way up the mountain and to the shelter for my. That is real trail magic.    Kaboose

Today was fun We hiked 17 miles. The trail was good.  The last uphill was fun. We are at the highest shelter on the AT.  Sassafras

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