Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 97 Delaware Water Gap PA

Miles hiked 15.6
Total miles 1289.3

We had a great day. We are 0.3 miles from the New Jersey border.  We plan to take a zero tomorrow and rest up a bit. We have already had a great time I Delaware Water Gap. We had a hot dog and a piece of apple pie at a cool bakery and it was only $2.49. The post office and police department are in the same building and when we picked up a package the lady at the post office and the police office on duty were very cool and interested in Sasssffras's hike. We are staying at the Pocono inn, it is an old Ramada inn, a little dated but a palace compared to were we stayed last night. I think they had bed bugs. I was itching all day. The Pocono in is also ten dollars less tban the Gateway inn. Kaboose

Sasssffras is sleeping so she will update the blog tomorrow.

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