Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 91 501 shelter

Miles hiked 22.1
Total miles 1189.3

What a great day. We had hamburgers for trail magic for. Dirty Ernie and his wife S.O.S. Dirty Ernie thru hiked in 2007 after he retired.  They were very nice and we enjoyed their company very much. We hiked the 22.1 by 4pm because you can order pizza from this shelter but once we got set up in the very cool four sided shelter with bunks (very fancy) Amish a 2011 thru hiker and her family came with a true feast for supper as trail magic. It was a great day. Kaboose

We hiked 22.1 miles. The trail was rocky but not too hard and we had trail magic two times today.  I had a good day. Sassafras

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