Sunday, July 7, 2013

day 108 on the way home to maine

We flew home today. Sassafras is happy to be home. We will see her doctor asap.  Her toes are very sore and it breaks my heart to think how strong she was hiking so long in such pain. It looks like I will get back on  the trail next week and continue hiking. When Sassafras is cleared to come back on the trail and if she want to she will come out and finish the hike.

Thank you to all support and kind words.  Anyone who knows Sassafras will tell you she is a very special girl. If she ends her adventure at the 1400 mile mark it still was a great success. She had fun, challenged herself, met many wonderful people. I hope she will  have positive feelings about our adventure and the time we spent together. Kaboose.


  1. Wishing both of you the very best. Get well soon! Your Youtube videos and posts are something I look forward to everyday. You've done an amazing far? How many people can say that they've hiked 1400 miles? Amazing...really something to be proud of.

  2. Been following your blog. Reading it has been one of the first things I do every morning. My son wants to hike the trail and after watching your videos and reading your blog I can fully support him. You are a great inspiration to many. Get well soon!