Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 103 Finger board shelter

Miles hiked 14.3
Total miles 1384

Today was one if not the hardest days on the trail. We were ready to start hiking this morning and it started to pour. We waited until 9am to see if it would let up. It slowed down a bit and we hiked all day in the rain. The trail had some hard rock climbs that would have been fun it it was not raining. It was a little scary at times. Kaboose

Today was hardwork. The weather was ok. It rained for part of it. .The trail was ok. There was a lot of rocks though. A doggie named Tucker cuddled with me. Sassafras

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  1. Nice hiking with you for a few days, Sassafras and Kaboose! Tucker enjoyed cuddling with you too!

    Sorry to hear that you did not make it as far as you had hoped, but I am still so impressed by the hike you guys had. Sassafras you are definitely the baddest 13 year old I know! Keep it up and you will go far (learning when to call it quits is also something I've been trying to figure out).

    Tucker ended up with a limp and a couple skin infections but he's okay now and hoping to get back on the trail for a bit next summer.

    Bug Whisperer and Tucker