Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sassafras getting ready - The Maine Way

Sassafras has been competing with her Middle School Nordic skiing team. She had never been on skis before the season, but is doing great. She had done lots of snowshoeing and winter hiking , including an overnight hike on Mount Washington last winter, but this is her first time on any type of skis.

Even though she was the only girl on the team without any experience skiing, she said she wanted to be on the team because she needed to stay in shape for hiking. Her coaches are very impressed, she is a very hard worker and never quits. She is holding her own in the last few meets, but I think next year the competition had better watch out. She did the same thing with cross country running, the first year was a learning experience for her and this year she was the fasted girl on the team and very competitive with the girls from the other school.

We can not wait to get started. We leave in less than 5 weeks.

(If you can not tell, I am very proud of her - Kaboose).

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