Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Gear page and radio review

I added a new page with our gear list with weights.

I also finally found a pocket radio that I like. I wanted to have a very small/light AM/FM radio to listen to at night on the trail. Last year I used a small MP3 player that had an FM radio. I  guess I am old fashioned and like a radio and not MP3 music. I also wanted it to use one AAA battery and not have to have a USB charger.

The radio I found was a Sony SRF-S84 FM/AM Super Compact Radio Walkman with MDR Ear Buds for $39 fro Amazon. It has a very sensitive analog tuner and gets great reception even out here in the country in Maine. The battery last a very long time. It weighs under 2 oz with one AAA battery.

I could not be happier.

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